Writer's Block: Collect 'em all

Do you collect anything? If so, what do you collect, and what made you start your collection?
I collect manga (I think I already owned 100+ of it... *sweatdrops*), Japanese-related things, stationaries, pirated DVDs... uhm... comic magazines (my shonen jump mags are already a dozen), fiction books (mostly fantasy and gothic-thriller-mystery sort of themes), anime-related things (today I enjoyed collecting chibi figurines), I also collect bags (if I have an extra money, I buy) ^__^

My Reborn meme

REBORN MEME (by Scarlet_elithea)

Your Name: Nani
Country: Philippines
Age: 22
Gender: Female
What you normally post in your journal: anything under the sun ^__^

Your favorite REBORN character(s): Gokudera & Tsuna
Your favorite Vongola member: Gokudera
Your favorite Varia member: Belphegor (and Fran! XD)
Your favorite Arcobaleno member: Fon (but I love Verde, too!)
Favorite REBORN Pairing: Het - Tsuna/Haru; Yaoi - Gokudera/Tsuna and Yamamoto/Gokudera

Your favorite scene in the manga: Girls on Strike! XD and the kick-ass battle of choice!
Your favorite scene in the anime: so many... but I like the part where Gokudera became chibi and suddenly he has dog ears and tail when he saw Tsuna bigger than he is! (so cute and funny!)
Do you prefer manga or anime?: manga

Other fandoms you are currently in: Naruto, Di[e]ce, Karneval, Axis Powers Hetalia, GinTama...
Anything else you wanna say?: Sorry, nothing to say today... except "I still don't know where Gokudera lives... but I'm sticking to my belief that he currently resides in Tsuna's closet!" XD

Do you have any rules when it comes to adding people?: No :P

Other comments?: Umm... I love KHR so much? XD

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Hello everyone!!! ^____^

Just want to tell anyone that I'm back... and I'm missing my fangirl ways of living!!!

Anyhow, I want to credit sp_katherine for the great icon!!! A lot of thanks!!! *hearts*

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Sigh... Work day tomorrow...


I'm still amused and thrilled and my brain been whacked by a big hatchet after watching Higurashi no Naku koro ni
It's so cool! I so love the way the story plot made your head twirls and bring you migraines because of the way it unfolds....

It's kind of freaky and more horrifying than Jigoku Shoujo (and I loved Hell Girl so much!)... Imagine a group of girl grade schoolers (not to mention their pre-teen guy friend who seems paranoid all the time and always ends up dying every story) hacking and slicing and torturing all kinds of people? Who wouldn't be horrified?! It gives me chills... mind you, hell girl didn't made me flinch... it made me sleepy in the first half of the 1st season but I really loved the story! And this, simple yet mind-twisting seinen anime gave me freaky feelings? It was like watching Ring movies for the first time! But even though it made me flinch, it made me addicted to it... for one, I loved mystery, psychological-based and horror/thriller stories that doesn't just make you see all gory stuffs but made you to think several questions thus whacking your brains in the process...

...actually, I was happy I bought the 1st season of higurashi... Thank you for the one who made me watch this! (I seemed to forget who she/he is...)... And now, I'm really into Higurashi!!! Cool Anime!!!

Back to reality... I'm gonna work again tomorrow but at least it pays off...

Well, ja ne!!!
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My Harry Potter and Naruto madness prevails...

Whoa~ Deathly Hallows is now (actually, yesterday) in my hands! *insert evil laughter here* at last, the much-awaited book! The finale! The ultimate end... only to lose all my excitement to my Mom!!! *insert sobs a la Myrtle* yes, I got pissed because my mom can't stop her urge to read it before me.. thus she's now reading it and pays no heed to my tearful "please, give it to me, I want to read it badly!!! Mom!!!"... Thus, instead of reading and going to imaginary land I surfed the net to overcome my depression and download the latest chapter of my Naruto...

Snakes, Snakes and Snakes!!! Manda's and Nagini's Presence!!!

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Warning: the next cut will be so spoilerific (well, at least to the peeps that haven't read the book yet) that you'll regret reading it so read at your own risk! It contains a little info about the HP7 epilogue part and a little more.

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Okay... enough of this... until some rabid fan strangled me and cut my head off kills me... Just want to say to all otakus have fun reading!!!

P.S. So Orochimaru is really a Parselmouth? O___o
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about the ninja kitties!!! Fun fact!!! :3

 Upon reading chapter 354 of naruto (squealing before the super kawaii cats), a memory hit me... I'm not sure if my memory serves me right... but it's true (I researched it!):

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I don't know if somebody had known this before me... but if there was... I'm sorry and I'm happy that we're both thinking the same way!!!

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